Roe Tourism -

Roe Tourism Association is a collaborative non-for-profit partnership between the Shires of Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Kondinin, Kulin, Lake Grace, Narembeen and Quairading. Roe Tourism Association works together with the community and local business to promote the ‘Pathways to Wave Rock’ Self-Drive Trail and the many extraordinary experiences which the region has to offer. 

Please have a look at their web site for their updated Tourist Guide and check out Rocking Out the Pathways to Wave Rock




Camm River Project

Darren Farmer

Darren Farmer is an extraordinary hydrologist who has a proven track record in salt recovery and has committed to hundreds of hours in-kind surveying and supervising this project and the propagating, planting, onsite monitoring and watering of trees. We are very grateful for his contribution, without which the project could never have progressed. 

 RBY Mouritz and Co

Ben Mouritz was responsible for the original construction using his bulldozer and grader under instruction from Darren Farmer pushing up soil from the river floor around the existing vegetation to increase the vegetation's survival rate and the land mass. Today a natural recovery of samphire is preventing wind erosion and producing more a aesthetically pleasing river floor. Kent Mouritz has been involved with the ongoing bulldozer and grader work contributing inkind to the landfill process. After this project recieved thousand of tonnes of soil from the Water Corps STED program (Hyden Deep Sewerage).

Wheatbelt NRM 

Wheatbelt NRM is an independent community-based group providing leadership for natural resource management. Working with an active Avon River Basin community we carry out key projects and other initiatives that help care for our precious natural resources. We would like to thank you to the NRM for their contribution to the Camm River Project.

Royalities for Regions

 Since 2008 the State's long-term focus on regional development has been supported by state-wide investments using Royalties for Regions funding. With the reinvestment of 25% of mining and onshore petroleum royalties into regional WA each year, we are achieving our goal of building stong and vibrant regional communities that are desirable places to live.

This additional investment is channelled into projects that help build regional communities and all decisions ar underpinned by six principles:

  • Building capacity in regional communities
  • Retaining benefits in regional communities
  • Improving services to regional communities
  • Attaining sustainability
  • Expanding opportunity
  • Growing prosperity.

Liberty Fuels


Libertyrural. Your independent rural fuel alternative.

LibertyRural and its partners provide the rural community with a new alternative for their fuel needs. We source Quality Guaranteed products at the best prices from Australian refineries and importers and pass the savings onto you. Our service is quicker, more reliable and better value than your existing suppliers. These services and products were generously donated to the Lake Camm Rehabilitation Project and the contribution was greatly appreciated.

Good people to know for insurance

WFI have been insuring Australians since 1919. Over this time, they have been there for their clients, providing support and assistance when they’ve needed it the most. WFI are proud to support the Hyden community not only by providing insurance cover to farmers, businesses and home owners in the area but also through sponsorship of local programs such as the rehabilitation of land affected by salinity. 

Tim Thornton is a good person to know for insurance. 

As your local WFI Area Manager, Tim can offer you personal, face-to-face service. Tim can assist with insurance for your business, farm, home, car or investment property. Because he’s local like you he finds it easier to understand your insurance requirements.

Tim will be happy to visit you to discuss your insurance requirements and provide you with an obligation-free quote. For further information, call Tim on 0429 681 183.

To see if WFI’s products are right for you, always consider the PDS from the product issuer, WFI (ABN 24 000 036 279 AFSL 24161). Tim Thornton (AR 252498) is an authorised representative of WFI.






Wave Rock Hotel/Motel

2 Lynch St, Hyden
Western Australia 6359

Phone: +61 8 9880 5052
Fax: +61 8 9880 5041
[email protected][email protected]

Wave Rock Caravan Park

1 Wave Rock Rd, Hyden
Western Australia 6359

Phone: +61 8 9880 5022
Fax: 08 9880 5018
Email: [email protected]

Road Conditions

All roads to Hyden have
sealed surfaces

For daily road conditions check the
Shire of Kondinin website, or call

+61 8 9880 5052
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