Bobtail Lizard (Tiliqua rugosa)

Image for Bobtail Lizard

The Bobtail Lizard is one of the most well known and recognized lizards in Australia. Bobtails are often known by other names such as - shinglebacks, stumpy tails, pinecone lizards and boggi. 

They have a robust body, a large triangular shaped head, a short rounded and quite blunt tail and their scales and large and wrinkly with a dull gloss. The body colour is usually olive brown to black with irregular pale bands on the body and tail. The head is often lighter in colour and can have orange flecks on the top and sides. The Bobtail can live over 20 years and they mate and bond for life - and bring up an average of two young each summer.

Bobtails are terrestrail, living amongst vegetation and leaf litter, under fallen timber and in animal burrows across the arid parts of southern Australia. They enjoy winter rainfall and you will see them sun baking on roads from the first sunny days after winter and all through the summer months. They use their large scales for gaining maximum heat from the sun.

Their diet consists of insects, flowers, berries, fruits, fungi and other herbal type vegetation.

Bobtails will quickly open their mouths and show their bright blue tongue when they feel threatened.



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