Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail

Stretching the 300 kms from Norseman to Hyden and Wave Rock is the Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail. This is your invitation to explore a remarkable landscape. The trail passes through part of one of the world's untouched temperate woodlands, a vast wilderness mosaic that is both beautiful and fascinating. With its patchwork of heathlands and distinctive granite outcrops it is a unique and intriguing piece of outback Western Australia.

Following the recently upgraded all-weather gravel Hyden-Norseman Road, the Trail offers 16 designated stopping places, each with quality interpretation focussed on a particular aspect of natural or cultural history. Some sites have walk trails, while others have picnic and/or camping facilities. Please see map for details.

Highlights of the Trail include:

Wave Rock

McDermid and Disappointment Rocks

Lake Johnston Picnic Area and Campsite

The Breakaways Campsite

Woodlands Walk (near Norseman)


Travelling the Trail:

The drive is 300km mostly gravel, but is generally suitable for all vehicles, including those towing a caravan, providing suitable speed is maintained. However, rain can cause the road to be closed - for up to date road conditions, check with the local shire. Without stopping, the drive will take you 3 -4 hours. Stopping a each of the 16 interpretive sites is likely to extend this to full day journey. 

Drive Safely:

Watch for wildlife, especially at dawn and dusk

Take breaks regularly, there is some beautiful scenery to see. Stop and take it all in

Take care approaching and overtaking road trains

Slow down on corrugated sections and always drive at a speed suited to the prevailing conditions

Look well ahead for possible trouble spots, and for dust indicating an approaching vehicle


Be Prepared:

Carry an emergency supply of food and water

Set off with enough fuel to cover at least 400 kms

If you break down STAY WITH YOUR VEHICLE

Always tell someone where you are going and let them know when you have reached your destination.

SOURCE: The Granite and Woodlands Discover Trail Brochure

For more information and road conditions:

Wave Rock Wildflower Shoppe

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Wave Rock Caravan Park

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Wave Rock Motel

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Shire of Kondinin

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Shire of Dundas

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Road Conditions

All roads to Hyden have
sealed surfaces

For daily road conditions check the
Shire of Kondinin website, or call

+61 8 9880 5052
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