Hollands Track

The Holland Track - 4 WD only

For those with an adventurous spirit, the Holland Track offers great appeal. The north east half of the Track is some 350km long and accessible only to well prepared 4WD travellers. The track is 58 kms east of the townsite of Hyden (Wave Rock) and travels to the historic mining town of Coolgardie. Travellers can enjoy this remarkable heritage trail combined with the spectatular views of wildflowers and virgin bushland out past the Rabbit Proof Fence. This area is reported to be the largest natural bushland left in the world.

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 In the Steps of Pioneer Explorers.

"The gold find at Coolgardie by Bayley and Ford generated intense excitement throughout the country when it was made public in September 1892. As the news spread, the rush grew. The streets of Albany were soon crowded with fortune seekers who came by Steam Boat from the Eastern States. Many of these "t'othersiders" travelled on the recently constructed Great Southern Railway to York and Northam where they purchased supplies and equipment before tackling the long trail east to the diggings.

There were obvious advantages for a railway town further south in being the starting point for an overland trail. Not only would departing diggers spend their money there, local producers would have direct access to the fast growing goldfields market.

Several attempts to open up such a route failed. All were forced back by the waterless and seemingly impenetrable nature of the country. Then John Holland took up the challenge. Born in the colony, 37 year old Holland was an experienced bushman. His idea was not to only find a feasible route, but to actually cut a track that could be used immediately by horse drawn conveyances. Joined by three older local men, the party set out from Broomehill on 26 April 1893 and arrived in Coolgardie on 3 July 1893. They had completed the cutting of a cart track over 500km in length in just two months and four days, a remarkable achievement. As anticipated, the track was immediately adopted by hundreds of eager diggers joining the rush. It was regularly used by horse and camel teams transporting goods and supplies to the goldfields. Travelling time between Broomehill and Coolgardie was usually about two weeks. However, the extension of the railway to Coolgardie just three years later put an end to regular goldfields traffic on the Holland Track.

As the expansion of the wheatbelt overtook the southern half of the track during the 1920's, that part of the route played an important part in opening up a number of wheat growing regions. Some of the track was incorporated in the growing rural road network. Low rainfall out beyond the Rabbit Proof Fence discouraged further settlement and the northern half of the Holland Track gradually returned to the wild. The historic route became overgrown and all but lost in a tangle of sand plain scrub and mallee thickets".

SOURCE: Holland Track Map Book


Travel Advice

Extra fuel, water, first aid kit and emergency rations should be carried as well as a comprehensive selection of spare parts and tools. Should you break down, or become lost, stay with your vehicle until help arrives. 

Exercise caution if travelling very early in the morning or from dusk to late evening, as livestock and wildlife may cross the road unexpectedly. Rain can make roads inpassable due to flooding. Camping in a creek or river bed can be dangerous due to flash flooding particularly during the summer months.

The Regional Map shown is a basic guide only and should not be considered sufficiently detailed for use as an outback road guide or to provide unsealed road conditions. You can check current road conditions by contacting Main Roads WA Ph: 138 138, the Shire of Kondinin 08 9889 1001 or the Wave Rock Visitors Centre 08 9880 5182.


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