The community of Hyden welcomes you to become a local and "Enjoy Bush Living at its Best".

Est: 1922

Population: 460

Average rainfall: 325 millimetres

Height above sea level: 302 metres

With a population of 460 people, this thriving wheatbelt town is visited by more that 100,000 tourists every year to enjoy the hospitility and to view Wave Rock. This vibrant town has a reputation for their initiative and go-ahead attitude. Over the years, the community has established a Medical Centre (housing the Silver Chain Remote Area Nurse), a Recreation Centre and Swimming Pool and other similar projects. An airstrip and Royal Flying Doctor transfer station has been built recently and is a huge boost to the town.

The Aborigines were the first inhabitants to the area and many artefacts have been found on their campsites and their painted hand marks can still be seen in the cave at The Humps today.

The sandalwood cutters are believed to be the first white men to visit the area in the early 1920's. Trees were cut down and sent to China to make incense for the Chinese Temples.

As you approach Hyden please stop and view the Street Scape Sculptures in the main street. They tell the story of how Hyden came to be from Aboriginal history, the first sandal wood cutters to shearers and farmers. There is also some local wild life.


Whilst browsing around Hyden town, you will find two grocery stores, lotto, post office, bakery, butcher shop, hair dressers, beautician, clothing boutique, hardware store, tyre shop, library, licensing, book exchange, mechanic, art supplies, hotel, bottle shop, second hand shop, home craft & clothing shop and four rural merchandise store that will just about cover all your needs.

The trades people in town include a mechanic, an auto electrician, a plumber, an electrician, carpenter, concretors and others.

You can find Wi-Fi and internet access at the Hyden Community Resource Centre as well as free Wi-Fi at the Hyden Hotel for inhouse guests.

The nearest hospitial is situated in a neighbouring town - Kondinin (60 kms west), along with the police station. The Silver Chain buliding is situated on Naughton Street. It is open office hours -  Phone 08 980 5021. In an emergency dial 000.


It is said that the farmers in the district are amongst the best dryland farmers in the world!

The earliest recorded farming was in 1922 and descendants of these settlers still live in Hyden today. Wheat production started in 1927 and even though many farmers diversified into cattle and sheep for wool and meat, cropping is still the main form of income for the district today.

Most grain produced (wheat, canola, barley, lupins and oats) is stored for export sale through the Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH) silos west of town. 

The average family run farm size is approx 5000 hectares. Each farm can produce enough food to feed 200 other Australian families and 6000 families overseas. High capital investment into large broad-acre scale machinery allows large areas to be covered with few labour units.

Grain Handling Facilities

The expansion of farming activities in the 1950's in the area necessitated CBH (Co-operative Bulk Handling) to expand their storage facilities by the building of a 2700 tonnes permanent roof bulkhead. As the original facilities became outdated and as more farmers settled in the area, CBH built the first reinforced concrete storage facility west of the town to accommodate the larger tonnage of wheat, barley, oats, lupins, canola and peas being grown in the district. A second "A" type reinforced concrete storage facility was built in 1980, giving a total storage of 64,000 tonnes. These storage systems are amoung the most advanced in the world. They are sealed to create an inert atmosphere using CO2 to control the invasion of grain pests.


There are 89 students enrolled in the Hyden Primary School (Oct 2014), this is incorporating years kindergarten to year 7. Other than the main subjects taught - the children enjoy a variety of sporting activities, music and art. Because of the shortage of numbers athletics carnivals are held inconjuction with the neighbouring town of Kondinin. These are held in September and the swimming carnival is held at the Hyden Swimming Pool during February. The school logo is "Be Proud" and the children take a huge amount of pride in their school. They always do well in representing their school in drama, music and speech festivals against other schools.

After year 7, the children are required to attend boarding school either in Narrogin, Merredin or Perth to complete their senior schooling. This is a huge strain on family emotional and financial resources. 2015 is the last year that Hyden Primary School will take year 7 students - after this date, the children will leave for boarding school at the end of year 6, when they are only 11 years old. 


With two football teams, two netball teams, two hockey teams, a golf club, a cricket team and a Tennis Club Hyden is very much a sporting community. We are able to support the children in Auskick and junior football, netta and junior netball and minky and junior hockey teams. The children are encouraged to join the swimming club in the summer months and also to be involved in tennis coaching. 

The Wave Rock Hotel is a great meeting place for dinner and a cold beer. The park and playground in the centre of town is available for birthday parties and picnics for local families and visitors passing through.

Hyden hosts an annual Old Time Dance in November annually and people from the surrounding towns enjoy this event.

The Choir hold their practise sessions at the Hotel and quite often perform with surrounding towns.

Other events throughout the year consist of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea hosted by the Silver Chain Committee, Australia Day hosted by The Hyden Progress Association, the Dawn Service for Anzac Day held in the main street on the 25th April, a Christmas Market at the Bush Shopping Village and the Community Christmas Tree with a visit from Santa at the Tennis Club on the last Sunday before Christmas.

The Lions Club are very strong in Hyden and complete many projects around the town. There are many other active community groups including, Pins and Patches (quilting),  The Holt Rock Group (farming), Daycare Committee, CRC committee, Tourism Committee, The Progress Association and The Hyden Hoggets, just to name a few.

Due to a decrease in population, many people are involved in a mixture of committees and families are heavily involved with fundraising and busy bees around town. This direct action holds our community together.

Church is held alternative Sundays for the Anglican and Uniting Churchs and a Catholic Mass is held on the first Sunday of each month.

Sporting Facilities

 People of Hyden and surrounding districts have derived much benefit from the building of the Community Recreation Centre. It was officially opened by the then Minister for Lands, Mr David Wordsworth in November 1980. The new centre, costing $115,000 replaced a single roomed, galvanised iron-framed shed, which had served the community for many years. The new Centre was financed by equal donations from local residents, the Department of Community and Recreation and the Shire of Kondinin. The Centre is used by Sporting Clubs, Community Groups and the Primary school.

Hyden Community Respite Service

Servicing the town of Hyden and the surrounding area for Carers of the frail aged and disabled who require additional support to enable them to remain in their own home and community, the service also serves younger people with disabilities, palliative care, illness and those with special needs.

How can our respite service HELP you?

Arrange transport to Hyden

Arrange for a queen, twin or single room

Arrange a carer

Arrange meals

Make bookings for acitivities, restaurants etc.

Arrange for personal needs: helping with daily self care tasks eg. eating, bathing, grooming, etc.

Anyone may seek assistance including: Individuals, relatives, doctors, hospitals, other community agencies.

Every request is assessed individually, if they can't provide a service to help you, they can recommend other agencies that may be able to help.

People Care Place - Hyden Respite Centre

12 Lynch St, Hyden, WA, 6359

Co-ordinator - Jodie Baillie

Ph: 08 9880 5553

Mob: 0447 982 354






Wave Rock Hotel/Motel

2 Lynch St, Hyden
Western Australia 6359

Phone: +61 8 9880 5052
Fax: +61 8 9880 5041
[email protected][email protected]

Wave Rock Caravan Park

1 Wave Rock Rd, Hyden
Western Australia 6359

Phone: +61 8 9880 5022
Fax: 08 9880 5018
Email: [email protected]

Road Conditions

All roads to Hyden have
sealed surfaces

For daily road conditions check the
Shire of Kondinin website, or call

+61 8 9880 5052
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